"Guest Speakers Jeremy Steinberg and Christian Schacht were very knowledgeable. While they might be on opposite sides, they engaged the differences and brought both sides to the table." -Jen Stephenson

"The whole experience was more fun and enriching than I'd expected. We had such a delightful time and I learned so much ! Thank you again." -Sally Patton  

"I really enjoyed my second Sporthorse Cruise. I especially liked the private video clinic. I enjoyed our many dinners and get-togethers, and meeting old friends from last time and new friends as well. Thanks for a great experience !" - Cindy Rogers 

"Great memories. We really had a super time."  - Steffen Peters, 2009 Sporthorse Cruise Guest Speaker

"As the non-horsey person accompanying the dressage fanatic, I had expected to enjoy the cruise but not have much interaction with the group. I was wrong. It was great getting to know everyone and I felt very welcome." - Aimee Rogers

"The ship was beautiful, the crew was great, the food was amazing, and the camaraderie too !"  - Silvia Steen  

"Sporthorse Cruise was one of the best experiences of my life. The group asked great questions !"                                             - Jeremy Steinberg, 2014-2017 Guest Speaker 

"It's great being on a ship talking about horses. We have time to talk and discuss."                                       - Dr. Christian Schacht, 2012 -2018 Guest Speaker   

"Guest Speaker Dr. Donna Stevens' seminars were an amazing learning experience. I wrote as much as possible and will incorporate that knowledge in to my program."  - Denise Cox 

"Thank you for hosting such informative and interesting seminars." -Kim Mason-Darnell    

"The cruise was absolutely wonderful and I was honored to be asked to come !                                              - Dr. Robert Jacobs, 2022 Guest Speaker 

"The other guests were wonderful, and the crew was friendly and went above and beyond. I highly recommend this cruising experience for anyone from a first time cruiser to a well-seasoned traveler. Top-notch experience."   -Sarah Haas  

"First class. Everything was first class."  -  Willy Arts, 2009 Sporthorse Cruise Guest Speaker